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Biomove for stroke therapy, muscle rehabilitation, spinal cord injury, and CP

The Biomove 5000 is indicated for Stroke Rehabilitation by muscle re-education and prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy. In addition it can be used for applications of local blood circulation, muscle re-education and maintaining or increasing range of motion.

The unit has only one knob and control of all functions is fully automatic.

The system automatically switches into the relaxation mode after setting the muscle stimulation level. Pleasant music is played during the relaxation period. When the music stops a blue LED light starts blinking and the user can start voluntary muscle movement efforts.The own electrical muscle activity (EMG) of the user is now shown on a blue LED bar = > the stronger the EMG signal the more LED's are turned on!

At each side of the blue LED bar is a green LED bar. The function of these green LED bars is to show the user that there is a "goal" to be reached. The blue LED's move up towards the green "goal", according to the muscle movement the user is able to generate. The moment the "goal" is reached a series of stimulation impulses are delivered resulting in actual muscle movement!

After the muscle stimulation time is over, the music starts playing again during the relaxation time, and the same cycle is repeated.

Biomove 5000 Stroke rehabilitation professional system

The target level to be reached is continuously monitored, memorized and shown on the green LED bars. The optimal target level changes according to the voluntary muscle movement the user is able to generate! This in order to stimulate the user to generate as much as possible EMG signal for the next muscle movement attempt. If the user is only able to make a very minimal movement, the target level is automatically lowered to enable the user to reach the target anyway.

The total therapy session may last between 20 and 30 minutes.

The Biomove 5000 is the very latest innovation for use both at home by the stroke survivor and by the therapist in a clinical setting.

Excellence in stroke rehabilitation

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