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The Biomove 3000 is an inexpensive easy-to-use home training system for rehabilitation of paralyzed arm or leg muscles after a stroke. 

Biomove 3000 Stroke therapy

The Biomove 3000 system is used for stroke rehabilitation by muscle re-education. It works by detecting the EMG signals still left in muscles and triggering muscle movement.

In practice this means that when working with the Biomove, patients must try to make a movement which then gets picked up and amplified, and only then will they be rewarded with electrical stimulation. This method teaches the brain to re-develop spontaneous and voluntary muscle control.

The Biomove 3000 is a home device which will work in almost all standard stroke cases, except when the remaining voluntary movement of the stroke survivor is close to zero. If the patient still has voluntary movement e.g. a toe or finger, the Biomove home system is the right choice.

If the stroke survivor hardly has any movement left, the Biomove 5000 Pro device is the right choice as it is able to measure very weak EMG signals with its superior EMG detector and signal processing system.

As well as for muscle re-education, the Biomove is also used for prevention of retardation of disuse atrophy, increasing local blood circulation, and maintaining or increasing range of motion.

The controls of the system are user-friendly and simple to operate. The unit has been designed for use by the stroke patient without need for complicated set-up by a clinician or therapist.

The Biomove 3000 has only two control knobs: one to set the sensitivity level for picking up the residual electrical muscle signals, and one to set the level of stimulation impulse to the muscles to be re-educated.

Biomove 3000 Stroke rehabilitation home system

Three LED lamps enable the patient to monitor the status of the system while using it. The Biomove home system is a small portable battery-powered device, which can be placed on a table during the training session or worn with a belt attachment.The Biomove 3000 is a very economically priced device for use at home. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up the system and to start training!

Regain muscle control after stroke!

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