Success stories

I have been using another device until I tried your Biomove 5000 machine. You make me a believer... I will recommend your machine over any other on the market anytime!
Ivan Chan, Supervisor Rehab department, Mount Sinai Med. Center Miami, USA

My sister is doing very well with the Biomove... she finds it is helping her a lot.
Fiona Kane, Ireland

What a marvelous machine! I am doing so well with it, I can't believe it. My doctor is so impressed, he said he plans to order a unit and do treatments at his office. Thanks so much.
S. P., USA

The Biomove you shipped for me last Wednesday arrived two days later at the address on the Island of Arran, off the West Coast of Scotland, and has been a great success. This is what I call service. Very many thanks.
Robert Reid

The Biomove is a great system and my patient gets better and better. It takes some time but it works!
Dr. Atwan, Germany

Congratulations. I have been working with EMG and electro-stimulation devices for well over 20 years now. This is the first integrated EMG-ES device I have ever used that actually works as easily as promised.
Prof. Leonard Elbaum EdD, PT Florida International University

Biomove 3000 Stroke rehab system

The best system I have seen for doing this so far, in terms of ease, adaptability, and simplicity of use, both for the therapist and the patient, is the Biomove 3000.
James Stephens PT, PhD Physical Therapy Department Temple University, College of Health Professions Philadelphia, PA 19140

The Biomove is my favorite device and the physicians with whom I speak agree with the approach. Ken Jelinek, OTR/L ATP University of Washington Medical Center

The patients I have been using it with are thrilled with it.
Marty Canavan M.D.

What a marvelous machine! I am doing so well with it, I can't believe it. My doctor is so impressed, he said he plans to order a unit and do treatments at his office.
S. P., Tampa, FL

Emily is over the moon to have her arm back, courtesy of Biomove, and she has been sewing today and it is wonderful to see her with two hands/arms working. Emily had a wonderful day on 1st June as a bridesmaid, as thanks to Biomove she wrapped her crutches in material and stayed on her feet all day - she was so happy. I will send you a photo when I get one.
Margaret Rees, UK

Stroke rehabilitation and stroke therapy device with Biomove

I am one of the winners of the free Biomove 3000 you gave away. The Biomove 3000 works great. I like the operational method behind this system, your mind always has to be focus on a muscle movement in order for the Biomove to work for you. Unlike other muscle stimulators where your mind can wonder on other things, the Biomove 3000 will only work for you if you put the effort and thought into your therapy exercise. The results that I received from using the Biomove are pretty amazing; I have much more movement and range in my left hand. Another thing that I noticed, I have more control over doing more than one thing with my hands. For instance, if I was trying to do something I would only be able to focus on just doing that one thing, now I can hold something in my left hand and think about doing something with my right hand/arm. The Biomove really helped me to take more control over my mind.
Ken Vantroba, IL, USA

Mr. Bashy is using the Biomove and said he has already seen results after one month. It is a damn good machine, he said. Of the many machines he has employed in his therapy, he is the happiest with the Biomove, which he uses twice a day. His wife, Jevra, said she has seen a remarkable change in Bashy since he started using the Biomove. This is the first time that he has really felt like he was going to make progress with this machine, so that is a great motivation.
Quote from article in Science & Technology

I received the Biomove 3000 Wednesday Oct. 26. I applied it to my paralyzed arm Thursday. For the first time in three years, I can turn the pages of my newspaper. I was able to open my fist and use my thumb and a couple of my fingers. It is well worth the price. I thoroughly recommend it for my CVA condition. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Respectfully yours, Dunn Jackson, USA

Thank you for the Biomove 3000 system, which I received last Monday. I must say it worked delightfully well after just one evening of use on my left arm. The next day I found myself able to move and flex my little finger on my left hand. What a result!!! Fantastic! Many thanks.
J. C.

I have been using the unit on my father from the first day that I purchased it, while he was unable to raise his hand at all. Now, after 2 months he can raise his hand 90 degrees. Thank you very much for all your help and for the great machine that you invented. Believe me, I have been bragging about your company and Biomove 3000 so much that people started to call me MR. BIOMOVE!
G. T.

The apparatus has proved to be very beneficial to the patient with definite signs of improvement. Although the patient is rather elderly, she was a very active person before the stroke. She is very pleased with the apparatus and has no problems using it, to gain maximum benefit. The precise instructions given in the manual have always been strictly followed, and all concerned think the apparatus is an extremely useful aid for recovery.
R. R.

After my stroke I had serious problems using my right hand. I had occupational and physical therapy for about one month but was still unable to use my right hand. A further six weeks were spent at a stroke rehabilitation clinic, but without any significant improvement in the ability to use my hand. I then decided to purchase the Biomove device and started training twice a day. Within two weeks I was able to pick up and hold large objects. Currently, I can even pick up and throw dice again. Thank you for this great invention!
H. S.

I found the Biomove device very easy to use and did not need any help in operating the device. I am extremely pleased with the results and I am continuing to use it even after 4 months.

After suffering a brain attack at the age of 49, I was extremely frustrated at not being able to walk anymore without dragging my left leg. After some research on the Internet I located the Biomove stroke rehabilitation training device, which price was so attractive that I purchased it outright. I have found it the best investment I ever made and am very thankful to be able to walk almost normally four months after my stroke.

As a 52-year-old stroke survivor, I suffer from paralysis on my left side. I went through all standard stroke rehabilitation procedures, which definitely helped me to cope with the disabilities and enabled me to dress myself. However they failed to restore normal use of my left side. Two months ago I started using Biomove three times a day, and for the first time I have noticed voluntary movement abilities in my left hand. I am extremely pleased to see that one year after my stroke, I am able to regain some of my muscle control, and I am very optimistic about further improvement.
A. H.